Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy



Employment provided with metal and wood sector in Turkey due to industrialization and economic contribution to the country's industry is one of the leading sectors. As a company in this sector, it believes that the company will achieve long-term success by operating in a sustainable manner and aims to be a leader in the promotion and implementation of these sustainable activities.

Within the scope of this policy, it is aimed to contribute to the environment, economy and society based on our 41 years of knowledge and experience and to be a competitive company with an approach based on sustainability principles.


KBS aims to take its works further with its sustainability approach which it integrated to all work processes  Taking the opinions of stakeholder platforms such as employees, customers, suppliers, public institutions, local people, nongovernmental organizations, professional associations, financial institutions, shareholders and academic institutions, KBS develops the subjects it will focus on by assessment of senior management.


Corporate governance and business ethic

• Dialogue with our customers and suppliers

Corporate Governance And Business Ethic

The corporate governance understanding in KBS is to be transparent and accountable in decision-making processes. It aims to define the purpose, area of responsibility, participation and time order within the framework of increasing the efficiency and productivity of managerial decisions regarding strategic and critical operational issues through the departments established within the company. Corporate governance is exhibited within the scope of the works of the sustainability department.

Providing and maintaining a fair working environment is one of the most important priorities of KBS. Complying with all legal regulations prepared in accordance with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and opposing discrimination among employees due to reasons such as language, race, gender, political opinion, belief, religion, sect, age, physical disability, expect the same sensitivity from our business partners.

Dialogue With Our Customers And Suppliers

KBS believes that sustainable development can be achieved by working in harmony with stakeholders, sees communication and cooperation with its stakeholders as the cornerstone of its corporate culture and strategy, and as a company that is open to improving its dialogues with its stakeholders, it is in constant communication with its customers and suppliers. For KBS, dialogue and sharing with its customers is a priority issue of economic sustainability, but KBS is aware and aims that its sustainability goals will increasingly be shaped and realized with its customers in the future. Long-term business partnerships are aimed in the relations with suppliers, whose products and services are used to provide basic inputs, in line with the principles of efficiency, mutual benefit and sustainability.

Our company, which is a pioneer in the stand display and mold fastening sectors, offers high quality production, products and services. It carries out our products and services with a sustainable approach with an ethical, accountable and transparent management approach by giving priority to customer satisfaction and safety.

KBS has become a pioneer in the metal and wood industry with its customer satisfaction applications. These practices guide us in creating a customer-focused environment that is open to feedback, resolving every complaint we receive, and improving our products and processes.

• All complaints received are recorded.

• When the complaint reaches KBS, a return is made by our related department within 2 working days.

• When the process regarding the complaint is completed, a written response is made with the Feedback report.

• When the satisfaction is achieved with the complaint, the complaint is closed in agreement with the customer.

All of the complaints submitted to us in 2019 have been closed. The satisfaction rate in the customer satisfaction survey is 98%.


• Occupational health and safety

• Dialogue with our stakeholders (employee, customer, supplier, local community etc.)

Contribution to local community and improvement

• Tuning employees to sustainability approach

Occupational Health And Safety

In the area of Occupational Health and Safety, KBS adopts an understanding that continuously follows corporate and legal standards in parallel to the policies and applications in the sector, determines proactive development fields and implements continuous follow-up systematics in OHS processes. KBS ensures internalizing of OHS and turning it into a corporate culture through applications such as notification of the main and sub-employer personnel, sharing procedural changes with the organization by effective communication both in occupational safety and also in occupational health, inclusion of OHS metrics in the company and employee targets, accepting auditing, near-miss notification, nonconformity number values as well as regular reporting.

Dialogue With Stakeholders

Considering that the stakeholders constitute the most important subjects in the business processes and value chain of KBS, the use of communication with the stakeholders with the most effective mechanisms is adopted as the corporate communication strategy of the company. At this point, organizing events, seminars and social activities that will periodically come together with stakeholders; Practices such as making stakeholder-specific measurements through various surveys and field visits are carried out systematically to obtain effective feedback from stakeholders and to enrich the shares.

KBS contributes to the economic value and development of the country with the products it produces and the projects it realizes. It provides reliability by revealing the quality and cost of its products.

Contribution To Local Community And İmprovement

KBS has policies and practices within the scope of contributing to the local society (civilian population) in the places where its activities are located in socio-economic terms, informing on various issues, and revealing potential improvement areas. In this way, it is important to measure the impact of economic activities on the local community and to raise awareness of the values created by the company through its business processes by receiving feedback from the local community.

Believing that the most important elements needed for the development of societies are education, culture, arts and sports, KBS aims to raise awareness by investing in these elements.

Tuning Employees To Sustainability Approach

The active contribution of the employees to the sustainability process of the company, even during the reporting phase, and the inclusion of such parameters in the company and individual goals affect the employees' internalization and development of the concept of sustainability. Increasing the impact of the company's activities on the present and the future to a high level of awareness regarding the job descriptions of employees will increase the contribution of the individual and society relationship to sustainability.


• Decreasing CO2 emissions, other gas and dust emissions

Increasing usage of a lternative fuel and raw material usage

Increasing energy efficiency

• Product responsibility and safety


Decreasing CO2 Emissions, Other Gas And Dust Emissions

KBS focuses on the use of alternative fuels, thermal and electrical energy efficiency, which contributes significantly to the reduction of carbon emissions in the sector and also allows the use of sustainable resources.

In KBS, dust and gas emissions are periodically measured and controlled and reported by consulting firms accredited by the Ministry in accordance with the laws and regulations in force. In addition to the dust and gas emissions measurement results, other parameters measured with the use of alternative fuel and alternative raw materials are periodically reported to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

The goal is to keep dust and gas emission concentrations below the regulation limit values and to achieve emission reduction success every year.

Increasing Usage Of A Lternative Fuel And Raw Material Usage

Since the metal and wood industry is an energy and raw material intensive sector, the most efficient use of natural resources is very important in terms of sustainable resource use. For this purpose, KBS always attaches importance to the substitution of non-renewable primary fuels and natural raw materials with alternatives. Thus, while protecting natural resources, it also provides solutions to the disposal of waste, which is an important environmental and social problem. In order to safely incorporate alternative fuels and raw materials into the system and to maintain process efficiency, it makes waste pre-treatment and feeding investments rapidly and increases the rate of alternative fuel usage every year. In these studies, it cares about the needs of its stakeholders and works to increase its dialogue with them. With the awareness of its responsibility to the environment and society, it seeks solutions for the disposal of hazardous / non-hazardous industrial and municipal solid wastes in the regions where its factories are located.

Increasing Energy Efficiency

In addition to the pressures caused by the climate in our world, the gradual insufficiency of energy resources and their becoming expensive at the same time have led to the reduction of primary energy use and the use of alternative energy resources. KBS aims to minimize the emissions caused by energy use with modern production processes that consume less energy.

Product Responsibility And Safety

Guaranteeing product reliability is one of KBS's most important social commitments. It monitors its long and short term performance through weekly meetings. In addition to production processes, all responsibilities related to products in packaging and storage processes are managed by quality management systems.

The sustainability approach of KBS is to produce in accordance with the standards, with high reliability and with a quality targeting customer satisfaction and to convey information about the health, safety and environmental effects of its products to its customers and end users.

The sustainability approach and quality policy define product responsibility performance targets. It is the company policy to follow new technologies in line with quality targets, to provide qualified input from reliable sources, to increase the competence of human resources with training, to ensure continuous development and improvement by complying with the conditions of the quality management system.