KBS Table Tennis

The First and the Only Table Tennis Brand of Turkey

By the guidance of our managers, Mr. Abdullah Aydın and M. Ömer Aydın, who are dedicated lovers of table tennis sport, our company founded KBS table tennis team started in 1990’s, to attend the tournaments among other companies.

Today it turned out to be both a club team competing and winning a degree in its first year in the highest rank of the the Super League of the Turkish Table Tennis Federation along with the company team which got the first degree in the Inter-companies Table Tennis League of Turkey.

KBS Table Tennis Department entered the Turkish table tennis market in 2017 starting a project with the Turkish Table Tennis Federation taking the responsibilty of making table tennis played widepspread in Turkey by producing table tennis equipments in good quality and at reachable prices.

Today it became a business branch of its own; having more than 60 various equipments in the stocks, existing all over Turkey by franchising network and sports equipments wholesellers, sponsoring TMTF and realizing its first big amount of export to Azerbaijan in the beginning of 2020.     

OUR VISION is manufacturing table tennis equipments in Turkey using the latest technology and contributing to the country’s economy and in long term, being the biggest table tennis manufacturer and becoming a global brand. While doing these, caring about the environment and occupational safety.

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